We're here to help.

     The Karen Chandler Trust is named for a local NC musician who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1999. Before her death, fellow musicians held a benefit to help Chandler meet her financial needs. The trust was established after Chandler’s death to help others in our community deal with the financial burden of living with cancer.

     “For example, if a person needs chemotherapy and they have to go out of town for treatment, the trust will help supplement the family so they can go with their family member. They fill a lot of gaps where families can fall through the cracks when insurance doesn’t pay for everything,” 

"This stuff is mean on top of the battle. It's like a serpent. But I'm going to fight it. I'm going to fight it to the end."

Our Mission

The Mission of The Karen Chandler Trust is to support cancer patients and their families and promote community awareness.

The KCT accomplishes it's mission by:

     - operating through a 100% volunteer board,
so that every dollar raised goes to assist local patients.

     - assisting patients with rent/mortgage payments, utility bills, transportation costs, grocieries, etc.

     - skipping the "Red-Tape", which allows us to react quickly to help those in need.

     - holding annual fundraising events, which offers a format through which we can educate our neighbors about the hardships and needs faced by local cancer patients.

     - assisting patients with gainning access to the appropriate organizations to apply for long term public assistance. 

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